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Wild Within started in February of 2016 as a small Etsy shop with wire wrapped crystal jewelry and floral headbands I made on my days off from school and work in Vermont's smallest city.

I had finished up my Bachelor's in biology/chemistry minor by December 2015 at Castleton University and decided to stay an extra semester to take the second halves of Anatomy & Physiology and Physical Chemistry "just for fun" (yes, I'm one of those assholes who enjoys a good educational challenge).  Also, I wanted to go to pharmacy school, but I'll get into that in another blog (I'm a pharmacy technician since 2016 and that's enough responsibility and stress for me).

I worked a shitty job at a shitty retail store which shall not be named- they're all shitty though, let's be real.  I never did enjoy waking up and doing what someone told me to do at specific times as I'm naturally a self starter and like to get shit done when I think I should or want to- though admittedly, this can lead to MAJOR procrastination. 

I soon decided I wanted my own business where I could be in charge of myself and make my own rules (seriously, screw most policies at major corps; my piercings and purple hair are a part of who I am).

I ended up wanting to make things to sell.  Seemed simple. Seemed fun. And turns out it totally is!  I had once heard in a philosophy lesson creative pursuits lead to true happiness

Roosevelt once said "Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort."

I'm so sold on this.

I'm never more happy and relaxed than when I'm creating something... the only problem is I now want to learn how to create everything I see.  It's led to many unfinished projects, but what really matters is how much I'm freakin' learning! I seriously suggest trying to learn how to do most things yourself if you have time because it is soooo worth it.

Eventually I went into researching electroformed jewelry around February of 2017.  The idea to use chemistry and physics in jewelry making was super exciting and I did hours of research to procure all the necessities with what little money I had.  This is the first ring I made:

That late summer/early autumn, I began collecting crystals.  I've always collected rocks, but once you get locked into a serious crystal collection, the tendency is to push it as far as you can. 

It really all started with a triangular asymmetrically cut ametrine crystal I purchased from a woman at No Town music festival in rural Vermont.

From there, I found @gaiasgems and let me tell you, it's a gem of a crystal shop...  I had post notifications on and one day I opened the Instagram app to see this most beautiful rainbow spectrolite- a type of labradorite- specimen.  I've never left a comment so quickly in my life and to my complete and utter shock I had managed to be the first to spell out "SOLD"!

When I received the crystal, I decided I needed a decent photo so I made my own light box! It's real simple and I'll probably write up a post on it sometime.  The result of my 10 minutes of creation and set up is this photo:

rainbow labradorite crystal specimen

This crystal gave me a wonderful idea.  I thought to myself, "you know what would be cool?  Labradorite clothing....." I love crystals and I love clothing so, why not?  And the idea of making nature's patterns wearable and sharing it with the world sounded like so much fun!

I bought Photoshop and designed these leggings using only the above image to start:

 rainbow labradorite crystal print leggings

Anyway, after this revelation, I finally decided to say f***k Etsy seller fees (I know, I know, I still have a shop on there) and make my own website, I did hours and hours of research to figure out how I should go about that.  Then, I did hours more research actually learning all the laws of owning a bona fide business in the United States.

After many successes, failures, and of course the inevitable learning curves of starting and trying to run 5 brands simultaneously, here I am!  Everything has finally come together after 4 long years of hard work.  My wish is for all of my customers to respect themselves and nature.  I really hope you enjoy my shop!!

I strive to keep the business as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.  As you may know, 1 tree is planted for each item sold.  Items are shipped directly from the ware houses and I do not hold any inventory to keep waste down.  I try to ensure sustainable materials are being used wherever they can be.

If you live in the USA, my items will always be shipped from either the US or Canada unless there is a supplier issue.  You can have peace of mind in knowing your purchases aren't taking a 7 week adventure from China.  If you live elsewhere in the world or if there's a major supplier issue, your purchase will be handcrafted in and shipped from one of my several locations in Europe.  All purchases are tracked so you never have to worry about where it is.

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